Saturday, October 22, 2011

dear love

hello and assalamualaikum , for real this is not him . its me , his girlfie . i hope youre reading this . 

sure i cant forget that date hun . we have been together that day . thanks made my day brighter . 
ya know , everythings you do is shuperduper fucking cute ?  and yeah , i cant stand it .

but lately ni , we always had a fight . why biy , why ? maybe its my fault . yeah im sorry for hurting you much . i know , you pretending that youre ok but actually not aite ? nawh , dont lie . nevermind , i try to be your best okay ? i try not to hurt you , lie you , leave you . i said i try , not i promise . im afraid that if i promise i'll break my promise intro pieces . sorry but i cant promise . i know that we're far awayy . yeah , far far far away . and you know ?

this long distance is killing me :'] . 

i look to other couple , they can date . laugh together , eat together , stares at each other , hugged , kisssed , and much more . but i know we cant . but 1day i'll make sure that we can . but im very grateful of this , cause i know . even were far away but our heart doesnt aite ? 

dear heartbeat ,
listen to me babyybooo . i felt some changes on you . sorry to say . but this is the fact . youre not the old you . and guess what ?

i miss the old you 

i dont know what happen to you , but seriously i want the old you back . lately ni , you ask me to leave you . why , why ? can you tell me why ? seriously i dont get it . you said you love me , then why you asked me to leave you ? seriously im sho sad when you said liddat . ya know its killing me inside . i dont know if you got other girls out there . maybe i cant be your best . but seriously . 

i love you , and i want you to know that

                                                          lots of love
                                                                 your girlfriend

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