Tuesday, December 27, 2011

i love you for a thousand years .

hey guys , ok seriously this is not Azri . its me his girlfiee . tenenennene are you jelly ? :b .
today im gonna post something about him :')

but wait sayang , i made a video for you . i hope you like it .
this is the worst video evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .
i know but this is the 1st time i make a video .
so sayang listen here . a short cover of mine .

see how ugly is my voice :'(
but sayang i hope you know what is the meaning of this cover actually .
yes i do love you .
and i'll keep loving you for a thousand more years :')
trust me baby . no one can replace you .
i repeat .


im gonna post this , about your text .

him: ya it hurt me much :'( daddy tak mintak pun semua tu tahu tak ? daddy just nak jadi bf yang perfect and terbaik buat mama . tapi mama dah cakap mcm t, means mamam memang nak sgt ada bf yg bf  yg mcm tu kan ? from now , daddy tak kesah mama nak wall dgn lelaki ke, nak im dengan lelaki ke , twitt ke . daddy tak kesah . yaa you know what daddy kan tak perfect . tak dapat buat apa yang mama nak . even mama nak cari lelaki lain pun takpe . daddy faham daddy tak boleh nak buat mama happy . thanks :'(

this is the 1st text , ok im crying reading this seriously :-(

him:daddy akan buat mama sakit hati dengan daddy supaya mama benci daddy and boleh cari lelaki lain yang pandai main guitar untuk mama . biar mama happy :') biar hasrat mama tercapai :')
2nd text i feel like wanna kill my self ! :'(

dah lah , mama cakap lah apa mama nak cakap . daddy tahu apa daddy buat . daddy just nak mama happy dengan impian mama tu . thanks buat daddy menangis malam ni . iloveyou . take care . night . bye :') 

3rd text like , im dying and forever goodbye sayang :')

dear sweetheart , apple pie , heart beat and the one and only my Muhd Azri 
yes sayang i always make you hurt , make you cry , make you feels bad . and im so sorry bout that you know ? im not a perfect person . but sayang you're the perfect human i ever know . the way you talk to me make me stiff you know ? you know what you always make me smile without even trying and i love it :') you should know i in love with you forever . sayang , i really wanna tell out kids that i was in love with you and tell'em love is not about the person look , or the person money . its all about a feeling that cant be describe  by words . 

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can
Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don't break it
Love was made for me and you
Yes, love was made for me and you

and sayang for the status , im really really sorry :-( .
i promise you that i'll never make a stupid damn idiot status . 

sayang i love you for who you are . trust me ! you dont need to be other person to make my wishes came true . and i dont wish for had a bf that know how to play musical instrument i just need YOU . i need YOU , to keep loving me forever and miss me like you never miss someone before . can you be that ? that is on my 1st wish list .
and honey i wish to marry you . can i ? can you make my dream came true ? i bet you can aite ? cause youre the only one that always make my dream come true .
you said 'tak kesah nak wall,im,twiit or find a new guy' 
how dare you say to me liddat . 
sayang , dont you love me ? if you love me you must be 'kesah' aite ? :-(
sayangg , i just stop wall , im and twitt with anon aite ? why you must say that to me . 
im not strong enough you know ? 
i cant find a new guy cause i got you . yes you only you .
youre the one that know how to make me happy and you should know that .
you said you gonna try to make me hurt and hate you and find a guy that know how to play guitar ?! for make me happy ? 

sayang youre totally wrong , why you wanna make me hurt? did you think that making me hurt gonna make me happy ? 
did you know that hating you would make my life suck ? is that youre called trying to make me happy ? 
you ask me to find a new guy ? for what ? no one can replace you . nothing better than you . if i had to lose you and found a new guy is that you still called to make me happy ? you know im gonna be like 'orang gila' that must go to 'tanjung rambutan' . did you think im gonna be happy ? sayang do you hear me?! im not gonna be happy . 
my life would suck without you :-(

you said you know what the best  aite ? so this is not the best honey :-( . 
my dream is to being loved by YOU and marry YOU and had a kids and you keep loving me even im gonna be ugly when im getting older . 
so wanna make my dream come true aite ? so that is it . easy aite ? . 

honey , i really really love you . i want you to know that . and sayang you always know how to make me smile , how to make me laugh , how to make me feels better when im not . how to make me strong . how to make me cool when im not in a good mood . you always know how to keep me calm and a lot of things i didnt mention here . im so happy to had you in my life . 

and capital A . this is for you 
A is for a boy that I love , A boy that always take care of me , A boy that always love me , A boy that easily get jealous , A boy that know my story , A boy that always advice me , A boy that gimmie some strength that keeps me alive , A boy that on my mind every day , week , hour , min , sec . A boy that oxygen in every blood . A boy that always make me happy , A boy that always make me smile , A boy that know how to treat me like a princess , A boy that keep loving me for who I am , A boy that keep make me feel that imma the pretiest girl in his world , A boy that always being everywhere when I need him , A boy that always gonna wipe my tear , A boy that always protect me from danger , A boy that gimmie some hug when I feel down , A boy that always talk and text me until night late . A boy that always being cute for me , A boy that i feel important in my life , A boy that always in my heart , A boy that complete my world , A boy that make me special , A boy that dont care my dressup , A boy that always being cool even im complicated , A boy that im gonna marry , A boy that gonna be A good father of my children , and A good husband of mine . Its A boy named Muhd Azri :') . 

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